These days I am searching for a lot of courage.  Courage to stand up for what I believe in. Courage to take a risk even when I do not know what is coming.  I find myself evaluating what does it mean to have courage.  Is it just a ton of lies that I am telling myself or is there something more substantial there.  Something so deep and penetrating that my entire soul and being gets transcended into a state of confidence.

Courage has a lot to do with faith.  Faith that no matter how hard the decisions that lie before me, it will all turn out Ok.  I am a God believing man.  I believe that the hand of the Divine guides me and even at some times holds me up, especially when I am about to fall down.

In the end I find my courage by being honest.  Honest that things will be hard and that no matter what I will not give up, even when it seems to be the easiest course.

The wheels are now in motion and its time to act.  Its time to be all that I can.


It has been said that Obama keeps his cool and has a very calm and collected personality. It is one of his greatest strengths.  I have to admit that I am very drawn and inspired by this quality.  It is a quality that is know to the Indians as one who is a “Sakshi”.  When this is translated it means one who is a witness to the Divine play.

He has surrounded himself his whole life by people who have different views and he listens to them all.  He then digests this information and can formulate his own opinion.  This also an extremely important quality.

Why do I mention these attributes?  I feel now more then ever, when there is a push for change such reflective and introspective qualities will lead many people to raise their awareness to a higher plane.  One that takes us away from the greed of capitalism and the dogmas of socialism. Rather to a more balanced and satisfying lifestyle.  Hopefully one where we can learn to appreciate life and all its opportunities.

Just a small post to comment on my observation that with the inauguration of President Obama complete today, there is hope in the world again for a brighter tomorrow.  What I find absolutely critical is that many people are craving change.  I feel change can be good and change brings with it the possibility for improvements.

This moment in time is special and only time can tell what will come of it. My deepest wishes and prayers are with Mr.Obama that he can be a vehicle of a great movement that will bring unity not only in America but in the whole world.

A thousand years....

A thousand years....

A new move will be coming to the theatres soon and it looks really great!  Its about the relationship of a Father and Daughter.  The premises is that it takes a thousand years of prayers in China for a father to have a good relationship with his daughter.  

Here is the trailer.


Even though I live my life honestly and in a spiritual, harmonious way there are periods where I simply apply more stress to myself then needed.  Sometimes without even knowing I bottle it up.  I am learning that this stress is really a big illusion, a maya.  We actually give ourselves a lot of unneeded stress.  By finding a way to touch your inner self and surrender to the Divine wish, instead of our own minds demands it can be achieved.

My father always told me “Man proposes but God disposes!”  Oh how right he is 🙂


In a world seeking for new solutions to the problems facing the humanity, trying to reach to deeper meanings of life, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, recognised as the “Messenger of peace” by Ayatollah Rouhani of the Shia Muslim community in Europe and as an “Avatar of the modern era” by Claes Nobel, reveals us a path to the realisation of a more balanced society, in which transformation and peace will first occur within each individual. 
“The-Long-Night-of-Sahaja-Yoga” is just another great chance for you to learn by experience that amazing technique of meditation. Selfrealisation will give you selfknowledge and will allow you to get into a peaceful state within seconds.
During the evening and night will be different events throughout the world to show you the wonderful Sahaj-Way-of-life.



Painting from Vincent Van Gogh

Autumn is now upon us,
The wind is stronger these days,
We stand straight and tall reaching,
Reaching towards an eternal sky,
A sky that is sometimes clear and bright,
But often clouded by inner thoughts,

We sway in the winds breath,
Collectively moving back and forth,
There is a strength in this union,
And a beauty that only the creator could have imagined

Within each of us lies a Divine Instrument. It has many names and is referenced in many scriptures. I learnt it by its sanskrit name “Kundalini”. The literal translation of this word is kundal, which describes the shape that this energy takes within us when it is dormant. Kundalini is an energy, a motherly, feminine energy that resides in the sacrum bone of each of us.

My experience with this Divine energy started when I was eight years old. I first became aquatinted that such a power existed when I saw its effects on my Mother. My Mother was in her early thirties at the time and had a pinched nerve and two slip discs. She could not sleep at all and was in constant pain. Doctors were very concerned as the strongest pain killers had almost no effects on her.

Another person with her Kundalini awakened offered this alternative to my mother. She raised this dormant energy in my mother up her spinal column through the fontanel bone in her head. The energy pierced through the top of the head and started to live and breath within her. It was a matter of weeks, with intense workshops, but she was soon back on her feet. In a matter of months all signs of her pain were gone. Doctors were simply baffled.


A breath of fresh air,
A deep inhalation,
My chest expands,
My thoughts release, a tender moment of relaxation

I want to stay here, this is my home

Cool is the wind,
But there is warmth in my heart,
A love for mankind only felt in such places,
My watery shadow meshes with the sun,
My eyes absorb the morning moisture,
Take me to your humble abode,
I am your passenger today